Children Matters

Adoption, Children’s charitable institutions, and Children’s courts

Charitable Children’s institution

We do registration of children homes and institution for clients that need to start and run a children homes as charitable children’s institution.

We have good working relationships with children department in Mombasa country and other countries in Coast Region including Kilifi, Malindi, Lamu and Kwale.

Children Courts of High Courts

We represent clients at the children courts for any cases or application for and against their relation to parental responsibilities agreements, DNA test, custody and maintenance, guardianships, arrests, foster care placement and other related needs.

The children courts are located in every country and we are always ready to take up any case relating to children for it is our firm belief that best interests of the child ought to be held paramount in all consideration.

The High court of Kenya has unfettered jurisdiction in relation to all matters relating to children so then we represent clients in high court of Kenya at Mombasa and Malindi to lodge direct application and appeals if necessary. The appeals at the High court takes only 30 days to resolve.

Adoption of Children

We specialize in adoption matters relating to children. An adoption application is made to the High court and is only made when the child’s pre-adoption procedures with a registered adoption society have been completed. We have excellent working relationship with little Angels Network, a registered adoption agency which is located in the same building as our chambers and so the agency does reports with a lot of urgency and accuracy.

Adoption agency is allowed for any child in Kenya even if that child is not a Kenyan and all information that we receive is kept confidential and the effect of the adoption order is that all rights, duties, obligations and liabilities of the parents or guardians of child in relation to the future custody, maintenance and education of the child, including all rights to appoint a guardian and to consent or give notice to dissent to marriage, shall be extinguished, and all such rights, duties obligations and liabilities shall rest in and be exercisable by and enforceable against the adopter as if the child were a child born to the adopter inside marriage and in respect of the matters aforesaid the child shall stand to the adopter as a child inside marriage.

Application to the High court for adoption order must commence when the child is born and is already three weeks old and the child has been declared free for adoption.

Adoption Procedure

Adoption of Children


Children in need of Care and Protection

We apply for judicial orders for the protection of children. The child may be in the need of care and protection, medical care, home and a parent or guardian may be heard in such applications. We obtain supervision and care orders and this enable the child to be produced in court after the order is transmitted and there are penalties for harboring or concealing a child. We also obtain contribution orders which require parents or guardian to contribute such sums for such period as the court shall think fit towards the maintenance of the child concerned in a rehabilitation school or institution.

Children Rights of Duties

Children have rights. These rights are right to parental care, Right to education, Right to religions, Right to healthcare, Right to be protected from child labour and armed conflict, Right to name and nationality, Right to be protected from child abuse, Right to be protected from harmful cultural rites, Right to be protected from sexual exploitation, Right to be protected from drugs, Right to leisure and recreation, Right to be protected against fortune and reputation of liberty, Right to privacy.

A child has duties such as; To work for the cohesion of the family, Respect his parents, superiors and elders at all times and assist them in case of need, serve his National community by placing his abilities his service, preserve and strengthen the positive cultural values of his community in relations with other members of that community. These rights and duties are found in the children act of 2001 which gives full effect to the principal of the convention on the rights of the child and the African Charter on the rights and welfare of the child.