Company Formation

Requirements for registration of Limited Companies (Cap 486 Laws of Kenya)

Company Formation Requirements

Proposed name must be reserved pending registration (Name can only be reserved for thirty days). Application for reservation should be made in writing and be accompanied with the requisite fee.

Documents for incorporation of company (i.e. memorandum and Articles of Association) should be drawn by a lawyer, who should submit the same to the Registry together with the prescribed forms and fees. These forms are obtainable at the Registry. All companies must appoint a qualified certified public secretary as company secretary

Certificate of Incorporation is processed within 7(seven) days of presentation of PROPERLY completed forms.

Refusal of registration is communicated in writing to the applicant.

NOTE: A registered company MUST forthwith comply with the requirements of the Companies Act, e.g. filing of Annual Returns.


Private Companies

  • Form 203 – Particulars of Directors and Secretaries.
  • Form 201 – Notice of situation of Registered Office.
  • Form 208 – Declaration Of compliance.
  • Statement of Nominal Share Capital form.

Public Companies

In addition to the above Forms, Public Companies must also submit

  • Form 209 – Consent to act as Director of a company.
  • Form 210 – List of persons who have consented to act as directors.
  • Form 212 – Declaration that the provisions of sec. 111(2) b have been complied with Statement in lieu of prospectus.

FOREIGN COMPANIES : Required Documents

  • Certified copies of foreign companies memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation duly certified by a Notary Public.
  • Form 236 – List of documents delivered for registration by a company incorporated outside Kenya.
  • Form 237 – List and particulars of the directors and secretary of a company incorporated outside Kenya.
  • Form 238 – List of names and addresses of the persons resident in Kenya authorized to receive service on behalf of a company incorporated outside Kenya.
  • Form 250 – Notice of situation of registered or principal office or change therein of a company incorporated outside Kenya.